Effects of Malnutrition and How They Can Be Reversed

Effects of Malnutrition and How They Can Be Reversed

Malnutrition occurs when the body is not getting enough of the nutrients that it needs in order to stay healthy and strong. If you’re taking care of an elder, it’s a must that you know how to keep them properly nourished.

This is where you’ll need the help of private duty services. Your loved one needs someone to keep them well-fed everyday with the food that meets their nutritional needs. Having somebody with them all the time assisting in meal preparation and in feeding will make sure they won’t get malnourished.

Malnutrition has various long-term effects that can be detrimental to your elders’ health. These include:

  • Loss of balance due to decreased bone mass, caused in turn by lack of calcium in the body.
  • Weak immune system, which will definitely lead to susceptibility to diseases including cancer.
  • Poor organ health, which can lead to organ failure in the long run.

Make sure to always consult with your elders’ nutritionists to make sure that the meals they eat everyday have all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that their aging bodies need. Specialists in home care, on the other hand, will help make sure that they’re always served these nutritious and healthy meals all the time.

Of course, live-in care services can do more than just prepare healthy meals for your loved ones. They can help in reminding elders about their medicine every day. They can provide companionship during long walks for exercise, or for important appointments.

If you need help in taking care of an aging loved one, don’t hesitate to contact us at Wintergreen Services LLC. We are a reputable private home health care agency committed to your loved ones’ health and security, and your peace of mind.

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